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Poster: Kurt_Canning_2004 Date: Jul 30, 2004 3:44pm
Forum: election_2004 Subject: Fair Elections, Voting Machines, and Campaign Finance Reform

The 2000 election proved our political system to be unfair, unjust, and extremely faulty. Al Gore obtained 500,000 more votes than George W. Bush and still lost the election. My first means of making elections fair is to abolish the electoral college. To tell and teach other countries about democracy and at the same time the man that has less votes wins the election is hypocritical. Also what some people fail to realize is that our votes acctually dont count. The representatives can cast theyre electoral vote for whomever they want. I do NOT want the house of Representatives to play a part in the election of the president. This is where we need popular soverneighty.

As for voting machines, this too is unfair. Because some of them completely alienate write-In candidates. Meaning that if theyre not on the ballot. They aren't an option. I urge the abolition of these voting machines. Also I beleive we need major ballot reform as well. I think we shlould have just one line, you write-in your candidate or theyre party. That way there will be no complaining about faulty ballots. As for people that cant write well or not at all. We should have a handicapped voting section with a traditional ballot. Except for all the candidates are on it.

As for Campaign Finance Reform. I think we need to completely remove coorporate aid. As I said in another post, "buisness has no place in politics". I also think we should get rid of endorsements. I think all of a candidate's money should come from individuals. Also elections are rigged for the two parties. We need this kind of reform. Also the amount of money you can donate to one campaign should be limited to 150,000$

With this plan, though some might call it extreme, the elections will be fair. And there will be no need to complain


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